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As the official sponsor for 10th consecutive editions of Copa America, Mastercard positioned as the brand that brought The Copa America Trophy to Mexican soccer fans, with the goal of providing them with a unique priceless experience, of seeing, touching and taking pictures with the coveted trophy which has been in the hands of many football legends.

The Copa America Trophy Tour program was guided by Mastercard executives and Marcelo Salas former Chilean soccer star and Brand Ambassador, who visited historic sites across Mexico City and provided cardholders, soccer fans, journalists, KOL, bloggers and influencers, countless priceless experiences and moments they won´t forget


Amplified Mastercard's sponsorship of Copa América Chile 2015, in major Mexican TV networks, national newspapers, leading magazines and popular radio shows

Set up The Copa America Trophy Tour program included several events with cardholders, soccer fans, journalists, KOL, bloggers and influencers Promote Mastercard credit card benefits and advantages, as well as customer affinity through The Copa America sponsorship.

Grow Mastercard´s fan base through Priceless platform


Copa America Trophy appeared on major Mexican TV Shows: CNN en Español, TV Azteca, Televisa, Fox Sport, Milenio Television, MVS, Imagen Television, ADN 40, Excelsior TV, BBC News Mundo

12,000 Social Media Stories (FB, IG, TW)
2.4 million views YouTube campaign launch
160,000 Hashtag Mentions #SentirseCampeon
150,000 Mexican fans touched the Trophy
+45% Growth Priceless Platform
1205 published on-line articles
485 printed articles in magazines & newspapers

MercedesTrophy Mexico: The place where golf and lifestyle merges in one cool swing!


The MercedesTrophy is an exclusive international invitation tournament series for Mercedes-Benz customers and potential customers who are golf enthusiasts,

The competition was first introduced back in 1991 and now has established itself as the most prestigious amateur golf tournaments globally and hosts over 60,000 golfers from more than 60 countries each year.

The MercedesTrophy Tour in Mexico was played in 12 rounds, covering all major cities in our country, where 1800 golfers experienced the connection between sports and lifestyle while underlining the luxury status of the German marque.

The top three winners of each round met for the National Final which was held in Cancun, Quintana Roo, at the Moon Palace Golf Resort.

The national winners represented Mexico at the MercedesTrophy World Finals – played in Stuttgart, Germany - home of the automobile and Mercedes-Benz Headquarters.


Leverage the MercedesTrophy platform to reach potential customers to grow sales and brand loyalty.

Strengthening MercedesTrophy worldwide reputation of being the best golf amateur competition and one of the best marque´s platforms to experience the luxurious lifestyle and dedication to providing customers with an exceptional ownership experience.

12 Tournament Rounds / Cities
12 participating retailers Over 2,500 entries
1800 amateur golfers participate each year
417 printed articles magazines & newspapers (L&S, Golf

+50% Traffic Showroom

110% sales increase from 2005-2008


A Night of Glamour

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Mexico by Vogue was graced by the VIP guests that enjoyed the opening cocktail of this platform that combined emotion and experience.

In addition to the cocktail presentation, the first edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Mexico by Vogue featured an attractive agenda of activities that included a combination of catwalks, shows, cultural and charity activities with the glamour, design and style that fascinated the followers of fashion in our country.

After the opening ceremony, the focus turned to the first show of the week: Violet by Vogue, where Mexican model Heidi Balvanera opened in a steamy mini-dress designed by Gustavo Matta.

Then began the tour with the designs of Alberto Rodriguez, Grypho, Pepa Pombo, Ana Pitashny, Edgardo Luengas, Blanca Estela Sanchez, Mariana Luna, Carlo Demichelis, Macario Jimenez, Arturo Ramos and Jesus Ibarra & Bertoldo, giving a preview of the collections that will be presented in our Country.

For the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Mexico by Vogue 2008¨, Heidi Balvanera was the supermodel chosen to promote the upcoming fashion frenzy. The iconic Palacio de Bellas Artes was the ideal setting to present Heidi Balvanera and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and kick off the first edition of the Mexican Fashion Week.

MercedesTrophy Mexico: The place where golf and lifestyle merges in one cool swing!
12,500 guests attendance
6603 published articles Magazines & Newspapers
301 front pages during fashion week
102 Media Interviews: TV, radio, newspapers
+51% visits to newsroom
+75% Brand visibility vs PY
+45% traffic showroom vs PY
+32% sales vs PY

What do you give a person who has (and can have) everything? What about an IWC watchmaking masterclass and an exclusive tour at the Mercedes-Benz Museum?

Both luxury brands teamed up to host a one - of - a kind experience exclusively to Mercedes-Benz and IWC masterpiece owners

As part of their three-day luxury experience, our VIP guests toured the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart and their fascinating journey through time began at the top of the ninth floor of the Museum. On their way, they encountered over 160 vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibits on 16,500 square meters - enough to immerse in the history of the automobile and the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The day finished with champagne, dinner and a closed-door exclusive exhibition of some of IWC’s most technical masterpieces and the presence of the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing”.

The second day our VIP guests arrived at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, for the IWC masterclass experience; the two classes were hosted by IWC’s master watchmaker, Robert Trueman, presented guests with an introduction to the world of watchmaking and granted i nsights into how IWC achieve and maintain their high standards of craftsmanship.

Mercedes-Benz and IWC owners were given the opportunity to disassemble a basic IWC pocket watch movement under the guidance and instructions of Robert Trueman and learned about the intricacies and complexities of watchmaking and of how watch movements work.

The event was a refreshing change of pace. An exclusive luxury that only few are fortunate enough to experience but that no one should understate. This is what luxury is, this is how IWC and Mercedes-Benz sets themselves apart.

INFINITI Mexico and Nico Hülkenberg F1®ESTA Cocktail Party
INFINITI Mexico hosts an exclusive F1esta Cocktail Party where Nico Hülkenberg Renault Sport Formula One Team driver, was the guest of honor.

VIP Guests, celebrities and media gathered at The Four Seasons Hotel, located in the vibrant capital of Mexico on the historic Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, were greeted with glasses of Moët & Chandon and dined on a variety of passed canapes.

The evening also provided an opportunity to celebrate INFINITI´s eight-year Anniversary in Mexico, luxury´s marque involvement in F1, and the acclaimed INFINITI Engineering Academy Program.

Promote INFINITI’s successful involvement in F1 as a technical partner to the Renault Sport F1 Team.

Leveraging brand´s expertise on the development of the Energy Recovery System (ERS)

Amplify the INFINITI Engineering Academy worldwide success and how the luxury marquee has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for many bright, young engineering talents to secure a 12-month paid work placement in the motorsport and premium automotive industries


150 VIP guests’

100 Media & KOL

508 articles published
printed & digital

5400 impressions

+39% brand visibility vs PY

+56% traffic showroom vs PY

+45% Sales HEV vehicles vs PY

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